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The Happy Investor Method Signature program will give you access to real investor strategies that you can implement in 4 weeks or less even if you're a beginner with minimal stress


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In the Happy Investor Method Signature program you'll learn more than just the basics. Our goal is for you to get setup for the longterm win.

Week 1 & Week 2: Foundation and Investing 101, Company Evaluation tactics


Week 4 & 5: Future Planning, Diversification, Trend investing

  • Personalized Action & Accountability 

    How to Create A Signature Wealth Building Portfolio (you're going to make companies work for you 24/7!) ($4,000 Value) 

  • Ground Up Lessons & Diversification

    How to Invest in Stocks and Funds ($3,000 Value) 

  • Future planning 

    How to Plan for the long term ($500 Value)

  • Generational wealth building

    How to Create Financial Legacy for generational wealth ($2,000 value) 

  • Asset Protection and Risk Reduction

    How to Understand your risk tolerance and how to reduce your exposure to loses ($2,500 Value) 

"My investing experience started over a year ago after listening to Angela share her knowledge and expertise about investing, I stepped out on faith and joined her program. I haven't looked back since!  Her program is designed for anyone who wants to enhance his or her knowledge about investing. Trust me, if you listen and read all of the information and utilize the plethora of resources available you have the potential become quite successful."

- Ron F. (Father of 2, TX,  Entrepreneur) 

What you need is a method to help pull all of the intimidating and confusing pieces together.  You need the Happy Investor way! 


What's the happy way?

It's when your money lets you take exotic weekends with your partner... 

It's when you build an investment account full of assets for your children... 

It's when you have enough wealth to share with others... 

It's when work becomes optional, and you don't have to log on to the computer or go into the office every day

It's when you're parents are tired of working, and you can help them retire early! 


That's the happy way to invest

"Considering how much you've overcome and how much further you have to go, it's time to start building your wealthy empire now! You need it and the world deserves it."  

-Angela E. Matthews 

Learn from the best

Your instructor, Angela, has consistently gotten better results than the stock market and other experts

Her strategy: 

  • Find the best companies at great value that are aligned with her values and life experiences.

  • Invest gradually overtime AND in big lump sums, cancelling FOMO. 

  • Live life AND build wealth by enjoying experiences while keeping an eye on passive wealth building.



  • This investing program includes:

    Access to 5 classes and live Q&A sessions ( Q&A will be evening and afternoon for flexible time) ($4,000 value)

  • Topics and methods including: stock assessments, common sense market knowledge, planning and evaluation,  and visualizations and mindset activities to help you connect to your bigger purpose as an investor ($4,000 value)

  • On demand replays available ($900 Value)

  • Access to the Happy Investor Pre- Journey for non-investors ($350 Value)


I really appreciate the opportunity to have participated in your programs. I feel much more confident about investing. Without all the mystery. I feel like I can now make informed decisions and build a portfolio.

Angela has the passion, the knowledge, expertise to reach lots. The insights you get is just invigorating!



My life has truly been upgraded . I've become an Investor (with a growing portfolio), and set up legacy money for my grandchildren, and as of this month I'm starting a new business.


"I've made over Six- figures investing passively in the stock market! The best part is I still get to play with my 3 year old and travel " - Angela 

My name is Angela Matthews. I’ve been an investor for over a decade and a financial educator for more than five years. I began as a self-taught investor, and now I'm part of a community of over 11,000 people with a mission to grow their personal wealth. 


As I've grown this movement, I've learned the ins and outs of investing in the stock market. I also learned how to invest and teach with a unique approach — one that focuses on impact, systems, investing, and common sense. It's everything you need for sustainable wealth. (My finance brain wouldn’t have it any other way!)


We’ve been running our programs for five years, and clients have been able to do amazing things with their investments, such as gain $10,000+ within a few weeks, create the perfect portfolio of stocks for their lifestyle, generate 15% to 250% return on investments while the stock market typically gives 8% to most investors.

 -Angela E. Matthews, CEO & Founder of the Happy Investor Method  

what's inside?

What exactly happens inside the Happy Investor Signature Course?  Here's a peek:

Lifetime access: You'll get access to a new  investor strateties  to practice and perfect with our signature education platform. Check it out once a day, once a week, or however often you want. 

Access to the Million-Dollar Quarterly Workshop Forum: You'll have access to a live 90-minute workshop where we’ll do a deep dive in your progress and investments to date.

Million-Dollar Portfolio Coaching: Every month, you'll have an opportunity to submit your portfolio (or a company stock) for a chance to be a case study.

Million-Dollar Address with Happy Investor Method Founder Angela Matthews. You’ll have access to private, member-only broadcasts with Angela, who teaches new material, discusses what’s relevant for you to know right now in the markets, and masterminds how members can rise above other investors. (It’s our own private investor town hall, and unlike other investor town halls you may have seen, this one admits only rocking investors — our members.)

Earn incentives for attending coaching sessions, posting questions, completing programs, and supporting other members. Each cohort, we recognize a Vault member for their contributions to the community and their overall leadership. We’ll reward you with a nice gift or extra 1:1 coaching time.